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Still running around, been a busy year, nice to have time to visit areas of interest. Drop me a message if you like.
With reference to the dual 500, did you install a soft start? I ask because I've done a fair amount of research on inrush current on 700's and haven't seen a need for it there. I tend to think the impedance of the transformer limits the current to safe values. Note that the stock rectifier can withstand more than 150 amps.
Hi Don. I have not done the soft start yet. I have some kits coming to do it including remote on off built in.
The reason why I am doing it is I have updated to 50 amp bridge rectifier and 33000uf caps. When you turn it on I had to go to slow blow fuses and the sucker busses for a bit.
As for 700 ‘s I want to try one as it has built in safety low voltage DC thermal temp switches. This replaces the 110v switch
Hello I just bought a dead TEAC A-3300 SX and this repair appears to have already been made once before. I will have to troubleshoot the problem further. But this is valuable info Thanks. Any thoughts about some common shorts to look for this deck is like new, I want to save it. Someone, probably a less experience tech has been through it the rectifier board had a plastic cover missing on a MY2-01 or MY3.
Are you sure the transformer is good?
I re-racked the living room stereo after finally getting all the outside work done and returning to the glorious AC, cleaned up 7 VCRs for repairs and just jammed last night. 1998 Pioneer VSX-D307 is the base.