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I re-racked the living room stereo after finally getting all the outside work done and returning to the glorious AC, cleaned up 7 VCRs for repairs and just jammed last night. 1998 Pioneer VSX-D307 is the base.
Hi Mark;
You commented on my Clair Bros PL 700 project, a few weeks ago (thank you). I see that you are also rebuilding a series II. Did you get the White Oak back planes or the control board only? How is your project coming?
Regards, Peter
Backplanes, capacitors, control board, cylons, and the DC protection circuit.
Doing a complete rebuild- COMPLETE rebuild!

I hit an impasse regarding the rectifier replacement, but found a workaround. The chassis is completely gutted now, but it’s been so hot here that I haven’t worked on it much.