New build for shop system


Chief Journeyman
Oct 15, 2014
---not quite right
Yeah I’m still home. I guess she realized 20hr notice wasn’t going to work. Had to gear up the tractor for grass cutting, remove the snow attachments (of course it’s snowing rn). Also had to empty out the fridge, gave all my milk and stuff away now looks like I’ll be home a few more days damn it! Also there’s no leaving the ship once I arrive so I need to bring everything I’ll need/want for the duration of the trip. Stupid stuff like phone charger cords, toiletries, all the little stuff you think you might want in two months...

Checked the post office today. The WOPL parts are still in transit. Getting closer though, they’re in NB. Probably be here Monday they figure. I might have pissed off crewing by politely declining to travel so rushed, I might have time to work on them now... best part is they wanted me there as an extra Engineer, they’re not even short handed and couldn’t arrange this with a couple days notice! Wtf!


Chief Journeyman
Dec 24, 2019
Actually, it sounds an awful lot like where I work...

“Jim can you run this sample for me?”

“sure; why?”

“They fired Julio and I have to run his job so I can’t do the development sample.”

“ah, sounds like a Wednesday to me. “

“Thanks, Jim!”