WOPL 400 4/ powerups went well, one PEM not so much


Chief Journeyman
Jun 24, 2011
Jacksonville, FL
Hourly work in the boatyard doing the jobs no one else wants to do. Bottom scraping/sanding/painting, pulling wires through customers boats, and the odd electronic casualty that stumps the vendors - but I can fix with a multi-meter or amp-clamp. Amazing how many electrical problems are caused by bad connections (corroded, loose, or burnt).

I have discovered it is worth it to pull a new 50' wire or cable than have one splice or connection in it. I try to use terminals that are heat shrinkable and filled with adhesive. They cost more, but last almost forever. I recently crawled into a space the size of a ice chest and terminated a cable to a radar scanner. Lots of necessary connections when the mast has to come down.
Radar Wiring After.jpg