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May 14, 2014
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Was given this last night. New release - came out in April. The friend it came from bought one as well but has no means to play records. Says he does it to support an artist if he likes them. Since I do play vinyl, he thought I might like a copy.

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Jul 6, 2010
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It's not all bad, I'm working on getting my Sansui 5050 set up at the other computer desk in place of the TX/SA-6500 II with an Audiosource Dolby Prologic decoder, my mutt Minimus-7 mismatched pair as always and the Pioneer rear channel speakers...was checking things out in on the dryer (we all know the laundry machines are where you stack and test gear).

I'm debating where the 6500 IIs will move to but the reasoning here is that the 5050 needs no venting on top so a monito can be placed on it without harm and that sorta leaves me more space for computers.

The only drawback was that the SA-6500 II has FOUR outlets where the 5050 only has two. I'm going to have to move out the podium my scope and power supplies sit on to shift stuff and move in a multi outlet plate, the kind with 5 lighted power switches and a master that often turn up for computers, or used to, I've had 2-3.

I haven't had the OPB TV signal for almost a month...some serious coaxial reworking and replacement, antenna aiming need to get done.