PL 400 VU Meter?


Veteran and General Yakker
Nov 1, 2014
Gaston, SC
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When you take it apart, I need the following parts, if you have them:

1. PL400 Series I attenuator knobs.
2. Both of the fallopian tubes.
3. The commode diodes from the backplane.
4. I have several ON Semi transistors, I need (8) OFF Semi transistors.
5. One Shocking diode.
6. A unit of resistor smoke, I have several resistors which have leaked smoke.
7. A left-handed LED for the Left Channel meter.
8. The magnet that sticks to the copper buss bar.
9. Some of that special nonconductive cardboard that fits above the PL400 fuse holders.
10. And of course, I need a Flux Capacitor.
I’ll lend you my heyco pliers to pull somma dat junk outta there...