A non-PL quasi-comp output transistor question


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May 15, 2011
Sterling, MA
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Admittedly, Lee's suggestion sounded like potential for damage but I tried it. 0

The only access to clean these jacks is through the hole. QTips wouldn't fit, the wooden stick with the tip cut off was useless as was a strip of fine emery paper rolled lengthwise. A piece of that scratchy green pad cut to size sounded promising but was too flimsy to insert.

I figured that by now, Lee has probably tried cleaning in numerous ways, his share of RCA jacks so it was worth a shot.

What I happened to have on hand was a cheapo set of rotary tool attachments and there was de-burring bit the right size. Not of the "carbide" variety but good enough for this purpose. And it was $28.99 I did not have to spend.

I didn't rotate the bit via finger & thumb, just inserted and pulled it out...two times. Reminds me of a sex manual I heard about...."In, out. Repeat if necessary".

Good chance a lot or all of the jacks were grunged up and making poor contact but most noticeable for me was Phono 1. Intermittent contact and one channel was weak. I will go at all 22 jacks again (insert - remove, insert - remove) for good measure but so far that weak phono input channel come back to full strength. But will drop out if I fiddle with the plug.
What you describe is the Xaviera Hollander syndrome...