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    Tascam 122 Mk. III Serviced by Sam at Skywave (Thanks Sam!)

    Hey, I work in caves all the time! I've been a member of all my life. We map and support science in cave studies around the world. Mammoth Cave in KY is the world's longest cave at 413 miles. I've probably seen half of it. Working in caves is tremendous help on my workbench too.
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    Fifty Years - That's Half A Century...

    I remember how incredible LA Woman and Who's Next sounded on a good stereo. I think record quality and stereo quality sorta peaked at the same time. Class of 71 here. The list forgot Jefferson Starship Blows Against the Empire...what an album that was.
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    Authentic Revox NAB Hubs For Sale

    These would make great drinking cups....a tapeheads "holy" grail.
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    PL 400 for sale

    no place for babies here...
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    Center of my music universe in New Orleans 1970-73

    Bloodrock was infamous for the song D.O.A. and managed to milk that novelty through 3 forgettable albums. They must have been great live judging from all the headliners they played.
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    Center of my music universe in New Orleans 1970-73

    Why is New Orleans so fascinated by Bloodrock?
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    PL 400...the beginning

    I have a 100% stock never blown 400 that is very clean cosmetically for $275. You probably would not need your faceplate. This one has had 2 owners, the second of which bought it from me to run his whole house system. he converted to a zone amp and needed more channels. I can't remember the...
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    PL 400...the beginning

    Two things to evaluate on any 400; are the output transistors under the heat sink covers original? Is the circuit board inside brown or pale green? 400s blew up so often that most have unmatched output transistors installed. The brown circuit board also blows up, green is the factory...
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    Spoke with Orange today.

    He was talking about the finishing touches on a bike project, and I said "great, now it is ready to sell!" Nope, Stephen keeps the bikes for his collection. Now I wonder where he has room to store them? If you are a fan of Antique Archeology on tv, some of these bikes are worth some money.
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    Spoke with Orange today.

    Orange and Stuwee both stood out on AK (or was it TH?) and both were banned. Stephen told me today that banning was a rite and led to great friendships.
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    Craig , .RIP bud...

    Stuwee was the artist among us, helping us be sensitive to the emotional side of this crazy hobby we all love.
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    6sn7 tubes

    1 mA at 10kV will stop a charging bull.
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    Phase Linear Andromeda III Speakers

    I believe the tweeters (4 triangle thingies) are all piezo. I did not realize the speaker is open baffle! Room placement will be a challenge.
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    Bias problem has newbie stumped

    Both your offset numbers are essentially zero. DC offset is influenced by thermal conditions and the matching of the input differential pairs. Emitter resistors have nothing to do with offset. Typically you let the amp get up to operating temperature, then measure. This design takes care of...
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    Erse in Koss

    In crossovers you need high "power factor" because the capacitors actually heat up! Since no one publishes Power Factor specs, you go with the highest voltage, largest size you can get your hands on. Fulton liked to use 1kV oil filled caps in his monster Fulton Modular Monitors. (he also used...