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    Montreal anybody

    Contact the people at AUX33 a used record store. They sell some electronics and I'm sure they ship albums (this store has many reissues and used, and their used prices are great!) so maybe you can talk them into helping. If they ask who put you on their trail, tell them the tourist who yelled...
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    Laboratory Standard Amplifier

    Not to mention the 200 watt booster EQ amps you could add to your car radio...
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    Montreal anybody

    How about Audiomavyn on Tape Heads? He's in Montreal and is a service technician. PM him and say that Nakdoc volunteered him to ship the Sansui.
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    Wanted Phase Linear DRS400 (for parts or working)

    It is possible to have shorted windings caused by insulation failure. If you feed 20 volts AC into the good primary and get 20 volts on the "bad' primary, something else is wrong. You can't operate a transformer with any sort of winding short because it changes the mutual inductance.
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    Bang & Olufsen to Restore 1972 Beogram 4000 Turntables and other 'Classics'

    I see MMC20E and 20EN cartridges on ebay. It is the 20CL that rarely shows up. The good news about these is the diamond takes much longer to show any wear at all because it is highly polished.
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    Bang & Olufsen to Restore 1972 Beogram 4000 Turntables and other 'Classics'

    As I read it, you need to send them your BG4002 or BG4004 turntable. The photo does show a different control button layout, and what looks to be a different cartridge! The stupidest thing in the world B&O did was to discontinue their cartridges. I have a couple of these in my back room if...
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    The Frankenstein I'd Like To Build

    Bob, Remember your plan is to go mobile. You can drive until you find good FM! Sniffer is not big on makeup and fingernail polish.
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    Repair of Luxman and Pioneer Tape Decks

    For performance, initial cost, and ease of repair, the Nakamichi BX1,BX2, BX100, BX125, BX150, CR1 cannot be beat. These lowly 2 head decks perform better than most 3 head decks! If you can find a vintage JVC deck with sendust heads, they too are great for the money. Travis, I have a used...
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    The Frankenstein I'd Like To Build

    Bob, not all vintage receivers are muffled. many were, especially in the '60s because anything above 15kHz was considered noise. Try a HK 630 or 730 receiver some time and you'll learn that bandwidth limiting was not universal. I've had a number of ancient Yamahas here and the will also...
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    Gabriel by the Sound of O

    They have wool wrapped around the drivers! I bet they sound pretty good.
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    Adcom GFA-555 Thread

    Change the electrolytics on the input board. They are leaky in every GFA-555 we see. MrRye, if you need a variac, let me know. I know "smoke test" is a joke, but a variac makes life on the bench much easier.
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    STV-4H diode

    If you have STV-2H, or 3H, add one or two diodes in series, and you'll have a 4H. 1S1555 or 1N4148. I have a bunch of 2H diodes here.
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    Leach amplifier?

    I built the little Leach preamp with good results. my friend Bob Hoover made a 6 watt true class A power amp using the same topology, and it was state of the art (back in 1978)
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    WANTED: Phase Linear 700/700B/700II Transformer

    Hijack: Has anyone considered making a 400 mono block stable to 2 ohms? Transformers are easier to come by.
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    EPI fans

    Deliberate hijack warning!! i have 8 used EPI tweeters with round masonite mount, salvaged from EPI 400 towers $20 each If you ever get a chance to listen to EPI 150, you will be amazed by the quality.