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    14000 manuals up on fleebay

    I am I. I have about 5,000 manuals to sell...just the good audio stuff saved from the dumpster. In May alone I cleared out 8 4 drawer file cabinets, gave away all my portable and car audio manuals, but trashed the rest. I'm not taking new work but if you have a sticky meter, and it isn't from a...
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    14000 manuals up on fleebay

    I've been selling my paper manuals for months now on ebay. PM me or post here if you need anything. I'm also interested in bulk sales.
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    Transistor Testing Basics with Graphics... Thanks to Markthefixer and Echowars

    On some transistors (made with Germanium) and diodes in early 1960's stereos, the forward voltage will read about 270 instead of 650. It is also normal to read some very high values instead of "OL" whne reverse biased, as germaniums are generally leaky.
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    Carver C-1 and upgrades?

    Bob, also consider a Yamaha C-85 preamp. I had to repair one of those Parasounds; what a nightmare. Yes, Curl designed it, but the mechanics were 100% Taiwan garbage. Really poor boar layout too.
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    I’m considering an iron upgrade…

    Hakko baby! 936
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    Anyone here know everything there is to know about obsolete miniature incandescent lamp bulbs?

    The original lamp is probably 12 volt. The circuit uses a series dropping resistor, something like 330 ohm 2W in series with the lamp. The voltage you measured is open circuit voltage. Once a good lamp is installed, the voltage drops to 12v. A LED conversion with resistor will work fine if you...
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    I can’t believe I fixed it, PS-65 lives again.

    Copper wire used for coils like that is super soft. It had to be shipping vibrations.
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    Tube preamp B+Voltage

    I do not know about dynamics...I would guess that in reasonable use the audio is all small signal, so higher B+ makes no difference....except it is noisier, because noise is proportional to plate resistor value.
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    David Crosby's Solo Masterpiece

    What I hear is a much more significant contribution from Jerry Garcia than this reviewer credits. If you listen to both If I Can... and Jefferson Starship's Blows Against the Empire you can track the Garcia production tidbits which make both records sound spectacular at times.
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    The $172,000-per-pair Speakers

    Bob, I consult for the Pipedreams company's owner. Small world. The Series III Pipes are quite good, but the successor company High Emotion Audio has something better. I could get you a sweet deal on a set....they'd sound great in your trailer.
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    Polk Audio mystery speakers

    In my opinion, Polk never made a bad speaker.
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    Telefunken TC 750 - A new challenge!

    Some 4066 applications are shunt to ground type rather than in signal path. I've always wondered if the distortions in a series design are lessened when the 4066 shunts a signal to ground.
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    What cassette deck ?

    My deck is the original Nakamichi 680, which is not just beautiful, but also takes the technology somewhere totally unexpected with 1/2 speed record and playback. Something about having a lawsuit halt its production makes the 680 almost dangerous to hold.
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    Redesigned Nakamichi classic tape transport.

    It would have been simpler to get rid of the too tight belt, which causes looping, and install a good belt. Increasing flywheel mass lowers the flutter frequencies due to belt stretch. I also bet he used an undersized supply flywheel to create back tension. Unfortunately, the deck alredy has...