Weller WE1010 or Hakko?

WOPL Sniffer

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Aug 10, 2015
Screw it
Just getting used to the new WE1010, so far I like it. I haven't been doing much PCB work lately, was still motorcycle time. Now that the weather has turned shitty, I have a ton of stuff backed up to work on, namely a PL700 Series Two I just picked up. Looks like I have some testing to do on it first. Has all new outputs, a new WOA PL14-20 Rev. E control board, and Watts Abundant DC protection board in it already. Guy has a video of it playing, sounding good. Now, not so much. Distortion, and one bank of outputs get toasty at idle. Offset is right under zero on both channels. Dunno.

Still has the original backplanes? what did he have for drivers/outputs?

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Aug 31, 2018
One of Joes Backplane kits and some fresh drivers and you got yourself a bad ass WOPL
Yeah, that was the plan after I diagnosed what the problem is first. Got to sell off a couple other pieces before I can sink any more into it. But that was my full intentions after I got the bugs worked out of it.
sounds like them new outputs aint so new anymore
You may be right. This is a fresh build, the guy I got it from is a good friend of mine that had it built with the new control board and all new outputs. The DC relay board was the first order of business for that amp, but it seems they went a couple steps further.