Television Pioneer Philo Farnsworth


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Jul 6, 2010
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Philco stood for PHILadelphia Storage Battery COmpany, formed in 1892 as Helios Electric Company. The brand, after several years as part of a Ford division is now owned by Philips in the US and distributed by Electrolux worldwide as Philco International.

Oddly enough, old Philo is part of Philco history, but not the reason for the trademark.

PS I think the version of all electronic television he had to do with was perhaps the 343-line Philco system that came out prior to 525-line NTSC black and white in the late 30s, and that version was adopted as the US standard just as 1941 was about midway through...we all know that World War II shut that down just after Pearl Harbor (the New York City area pioneer stations were on the air December 7th and went dark shortly afterward to prevent their signal being used as homing beacons by enemy forces.- Those would be WNBT and WCBW?, NBCand CBS as One or two Dumont stations in NYC and Philadelphia at least (channels 5 and 3 respectively) plus maybe in surrounding areas like that were part of the NBC network. TV was off for the duration of the war and then station applications were frozen from 1948-54 to plan the UHF band and further allocations as all VHF 2-13 assignments available were practically gone by 1948.
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