Scored this today:

Dec 24, 2019
Thanks- I saw this when the hi fi museum got it. I said “that’s going to be mine!” But they hadn’t play tested it or priced it yet then...

Condition is good. It’s played, but not played-out. Such an iconic record; I had to have it.

today, I brought in two piles of 78’s that were my grandfather’s, and this record was in the rack with a price... got a slight discount but it wasn’t an insignificant investment. Less than my Shelly Manne 234 however, which currently holds the record (ha! Get it!) for most expensive record...

I also got an early promo copy of Chick Correa (maybe his first record?) and something else too I can’t recall right now. I looked at a bunch and forgot which one I settled on. Maybe Weather Report?

It was busy in there today. One other “regular” who helps out (he was dissecting a Tandberg open reel, harvesting tubes and other internal organs), and two or three new people.

There was a nice looking Pioneer table but the donor second guessed it and he wants that back (working), but he did leave an AR table (in the box) as well as an early Teac external Dolby B with the Teac Dolby level test cassette... I have dibs on the tape if the unit is fully or partially deceased. Everything in the case other than the wire is not available. Two big honk’n VU meters on the front so it looks super-cool.