Phase Linear Phan Introduction ... a few years overdue

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Apr 4, 2021
Hello all ... I guess my intro posting is a bit overdue, 8 years to the date when I created my account here. Better late than never, I guess!
Back then I had convinced myself that I was going to finally repair the PL 400-II that I had bought new in '80 or '81; playing "DJ" at a loud party claimed one of the channels several years later, so I shelved the unit for a bunch of years while I raised a family, etc ... life. But life got even more complicated until I recently retired.

Soooo back into the plan of rebuilding this old timer from where I left off. Things have changed and now I have the WOPL PL14_20 kit, as well as the WOPL PS Caps.

Started reading through the reams of posts ... hints, etc. and am a bit intimidated, yet happy to be in the midst of this vast pool of knowledge. Please be patient if I ask dumb questions! I had been a mainframe technician at a big 3-letter computer company back in the late 70's, gotten into coding for many years, then system architecture, and then management at the end of the career. Quite a few decades of roller-coaster rides, I am looking forward to discrete components and the smell of solder again (I know, don't inhale!)

I also have the original PL 2000-II (recapped) that was bought with the 400-II, recently acquired and re-capped a PL 1000-II, also recently rebuilt the Dynaco ST-120 and PAT-4 (yes, bought those new too back in the 70's). I've got a rack of miscellaneous old equipment, couple turntables, a couple Carver Receivers, a Teac 2300S, Nakamichi casette decks, a dbx and Audio Control boxes too. A/D/S and Ortofon speakers. Yeah...I hoard old audio stuff !

I teach High Performance driving on race tracks in the Northeast (mostly - due to travel constraints) and teach evenings at adult ed for HVAC as well as electrical circuits for HVAC technicians at a local vocational school.
Seems like you and I have been there and done some of the analog stuff. I retired back in 2012 from the HVAC life and enjoying my hot rods/cars , building engines, etc. boat motors and of course playing the music with my old stuff. Glad to see you are still given tour experience to others


Feb 9, 2013
Thanks @Oz! Sorry that I missed your post, but I took a walk over to the track side for a few weeks and started to prep my car for the season. So much more to do, however. Getting on-board with Phoenix and the crew here has been an eye-opening and enlightening experience for me....”birds of a feather” as they say. The WOPL 400II has been happily cranking tunes in the shop while I have been racheting along. I highly recommend the offerings Joe has created for our PL systems.
Welcome to the best audio forum on the planet!
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