phase linear 400


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Oct 15, 2014
---not quite right
(Copy and paste) "H is the eighth letter of the alphabet, so 88 = HH = Heil Hitler". Idiots, I am not a fucking skinhead or a nazi. Farthest from it. I am just an old dude that believes in being kind as possible to others and minding my own business.
lol taken right from ADL’s site. The ADL was also trolled into believing the “ok” sign is a hate symbol too! GOVERN ME HARDER DADDY! 54B1EDB4-896B-4E27-86FA-8B94A866BF69.png D01031F9-5982-4B66-8FCE-224782F95CBF.jpeg 5E3FE056-AAC7-4C98-AA52-1709DD0B35C2.png

gene french

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Mar 6, 2022
guayabo de bagaces, guanacaste, costa rica....
One of each type Gene
in a pm now....he seems like a nice guy....i explained my situation....and am awaiting his reply....
i can put your upgrade that i just bought in the 8 fin...and between the parts left over get my stock 4 fin up and going..
this would be nice...i think...
if its a good deal for the both of us...
time will tell...
thanks for making me aware....i did not see his posts...
however, not had much time on the computer today...
take care joe...


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Nov 26, 2020
I try to be a nice guy. lol

I repair and move a lot of equipment. Mostly Carver gear and I've been there on that site for a couple years and have personally met quite a few as well as attended Carverfest in 2020. I love Carver equipment and bought my first in 1987 in Bamberg Germany while serving over there. I never parted with the receiver and still use it today. I try to be fair with everyone here and there. I like to think of the sites as a family and I treat family with respect.

George S.

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Feb 18, 2020
george of the jungle....
i just got pics of your care package that you sent to me....they always take pictures....helps with logistics i think...and...
houston....we have a problem....:eek:
that 70" samsung flat screen smart oled tv....
was not in the package.....
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So it's in CR or FL? Why do they send you a photo? Are they unsure of what it is or if you really want it?