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Sep 7, 2017
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When I first visited this site long ago I guess it had something to do with cassettes. I have always liked cassette tapes. I like the way they sound. Once I explained it like this. I can turn up a cassette till it distorts, cant do that with a CD. I know that is not the scientific way of putting it but those are the terms I used to "defend" cassette tape. I grew up on vinyl then listened to a bit of 8 track but mostly on cassette. It was mobile, small had decent size covers so you I could easily see what I was putting in the deck. My first car deck was a Sanyo. That joker had autoreverse ! Un heard of around here in the day. I still wanted the Nakamichi, who didn't ! I saw what I thought was damn near as good one day, a Concorde 505. Oh my God it had a speed control to make the tape run faster or slower ! Totally useless but once again almost nobody had one. I got it and the consensus was that it sounded just as good as the Nak.
Of course this was all car audio. When I saw your score of the blank cassettes I just assumed that being you were on this site that you were heavy into cassette/tape. I still have a slew of blanks you know AMPEX had a huge factory close by here in Opelika, Al. I still have what I consider to be a nice cassette deck, a black face Yamaha. It sounds good to me. I still buy and listen to cassette tape here in my shop on it. I think some wiz kid should come up with a cassette that would contain memory like SD card memory with an external USB port that one could plug into your computer and download songs to it then put it in your deck and play them. Like a USB-memory to Tape deck/head adapter. The reels should still move standard speed when FF, RW, and playing. Maybe even sell some that have LED's built in with different color lights and ones that have a true tape head demagnetizer. This would not be so much for top quality music reproduction but for ease of use, having fun and a bit of nostalgia as well. I cant wait till you post the pictures of your new decks. Vintage rules the roost here, always will.
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May 1, 2013
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Congrats on the LX-3 and LX-5! They are fantastic decks utilizing the Nak "Classic" Transport design, very robust and good performance when serviced.