Nakamichi BX-1 Service


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May 1, 2013
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This BX-1 is the first ever Nakamichi cassette deck I ever bought. It had a worn idler upon purchase, very cheap price too $20. Got it up and running, after about 3 years the Idler tire gave in, and it has been sitting in the storage room for 1-2 Years. I ordered a new pinch roller, belts and idler tire from Marrs Communications, then got to work on it.

Gave it a similar treatment to the 480 I just serviced. Lubed reel tables, cam gear, oiled capstan bearing, capstan motor shaft, cleaned rubber reel brake pads, new pinch roller, belts, idler, Head clean, demagnetize.

Its up and running now with no issues, and great sound. It walks all over the Nak DR-3 deck (also a two head single capstan deck).

Just a speed test/adjust on the scope needs to be done, once it has warmed up for 60 minutes.

Big thanks to David for selling this deck to me 4-5 years ago, and George who provided me with a BX-1 parts deck (which I needed for replacing the pinch roller shaft clip).