Nakamichi 670ZX Restore


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May 1, 2013
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This 670 ZX needed a lot of work. Mechanism was seized due to hardened grease on pinch roller pivot points. To my Horror the heads look terrible, only left channel works, right is dead. Most Likely the head, tested the deck electronics and it has output, just not getting signal from the head. I will try resoldering the leads on the head, if I'm lucky that may make a change but not so sure.

First time I have worked on a ZX deck, took some time to figure out, quite a few frustrating moments, happy ending though, at least got it going.

I contacted the seller and he is going to give me a 660 ZX Parts deck for free which has good heads, not a bad deal at all. Will transplant good heads into the 670.

In the future there may be some mods done to OP Amps, electrolytic and orange cap replacements etc.