Infra Red Photography - Anyone

Aug 9, 2014
Aquae Sulis - England
A clear conscience is actually a bad memory.
Thanks all, I need to go back and do some of the photos again, i had 10 minutes at the derelict church, then as i was yomping back home to get changed to go out on the bike i took a shortcut through the church at the end on my lane ( Shot 46 ) and was surprised how great the view around the church was!

@ Bob Boyer - That was my favourite as well and taken completely on the hoof!
@ Nando - Oddly enough that very thought was what was driving me to find some good graveyard themes!
@ Gearge S - Great album, and i had never thought about how the photo was taken! That has given me a cunning plan re the above!

Next weekend i am hoping to have longer than a few minutes so am planning to take more!