Free scopes & others


Chief Journeyman
Apr 26, 2011
Central Ohio
A friend recently closed his business and gave me a couple Tektronix 912 scopes. These are basic 2 channel scopes. They make a trace but they have issues, most likely capacitors. I have a Hitachi 222 scope that I loved for 30 years. I broke it out the yesterday intending to give it to a friend. I walked up the AC input with a variac and light bulb and heard a snap inside. Investigation found a burnt resistor and dead 8VDC power supply.

Another friend gave me a Global Specialties power supply with independant variable +/-30 VDC and +5 VDC. It works fine. There's a HP 331q distortion analyzer I haven't turned on in at least 10 years. Last but certainly not least is a Phillips 5712 50 MHZ pulse generator. It works fine. All of this stuff is free but I wouldn't turn down a dozen IPA's if someone insisted. Send me a PM.