Finally....A Sweet Maxell Score


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Jun 7, 2017
Alton Mo.
---I run with Scissors
One of these day's I'm going to buy a PL7000. I hope someone is around then to tune it up for me. The one on Ebay now is not bad. But a grand is a lot for me to drop on a non running unit. The battery damage sucks also.


Jun 13, 2010
Bensenville, IL
Work too much
Dan works on PL7000 which is a Pioneer deck anyway. He will be coming up in the Reel to Reel repairs as I have no doubt that he will catch on pretty quick. I like working with intelligent associates in that they are only needing a little help along the way and a tip or two now and then. Otherwise they are plenty capable of figuring things out themselves. For some people who are entirely capable we must just get them over the fear factor and then they will be OK. Dan is doing stuff that an Engineer for Nasa was not able to do- we all have talents in different directions.

As an example, when I was assigned to fixing a Tascam 62 or some high end piece I had never seen before- I wondered if I could fix it. Fear Factor.
Well being then the Lead Technician, I thought to myself that at this location who else is going to fix it if I don't, that I represent the top of the repair chain. So if I can not fix it we all are in trouble. The problem was very simple and easy to resolve. In well made equipment the problems you usually face are not all that complicated and they can be fixed pretty quick.
The real Fear Factor comes in when incompetent Technicians have been in the deck and have caused even further damage than when they started- that is the time to be worried.