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    Satellite Photos

    Lee, metal detector maybe work for that?
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    Tube amp and Power Supply Identification

    At the Taconite mine I worked at, we had a communication system made by Gia-Tronics. The buildings were very big and loud and the system was used to get ahold of the workers out on the floor. We had phone booths all over to talk to them. It was all powered by tube amps that looked a lot like...
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    Hello from Ontario

    Sounds like you came to the right place, welcome aboard
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    phase linear 400

    nice, I have an Ambient weather station but my internet is very poor and not online continually., so no station reporting for me. nice yard
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    phase linear 400

    am I missing something but didn't AEebar's trouble start after he converted his case to 8 fin from 4 fin, I think he had no issues before that. Sounded like a lot of smearing of paste and what ever else he did
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    Need to find tech to straight out this misbuild 700 2 wopl

    I thought he meant his tech had the shorted output. HUH
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    Russian Vacuum Tubes

    It looks like they do what some of the now gone tube sellers did in the past, that is they rebrand other manufacturers tubes as their own. In this case Chinese manufactures.
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    Russian Vacuum Tubes

    I agree that years ago there was issues, but they have worked hard and make great tubes for what I use them for. They also get good reviews from user with way more years at this then I have.
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    Russian Vacuum Tubes

    I have used the JJ tubes in the guitar amps I have built. They sound great for that application and built sturdy for moving around. Don't have any tube stereo amps so don't know how they sound in that application.
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    Finally joined up

    Great! finally a cultured person on the forum. Helps to raise us all a little. welcome to the WOPL world.
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    What might be the consequence(s) if the collector/case of TO3 output transistor was shorted to ground?

    With the cracked mica and paste I have found transistor bad and more like Both of the answers above
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    hello all

    Come on down.... You have won an all expense trip to WOPL heaven. welcome to the show. Good bunch here.
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    We went "Under Contract" this morning

    Perry, got a good laugh about moving dishes around, At my house one of my retirement jobs is the dish dryer and putting them away, every few months the dish shuffle happens, usually caused by new pot or glass or such entering the house. It is hard to keep up with the female house engineers. If...