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    Interesting Cable Article

    That Feel When I've hindered the advancement of HiFi for the last 50 years because I'm a cable sound denier.
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    Stereo Sound in 1940's "Fantasia"

    Great article! I hadn't seen it in forever and I watched it on Laser Disc last night. Definitely stereo, lots of dynamic range, spooky high fidelity for 1940. Even heard the drums and double bass on my subwoofer.
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    Spoke with Orange today.

    I don't think Stephen was banned on TH, he just left. Craig was banned. It's good hearing that Stephen is still kicking, with recent events and all.
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    what are you listening to?

    Dwight Yoakam - Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc. (side 2 first!)
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    Shanling SCD-T200 tube SACD player

    I see the lasers on ebay. Are those the chinese lasers that don't work? And chinese lasers not working with chinese CD players hmmm........
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    what are you listening to?

    Holey Moley! Listening to Devo's New Traditionalists followed by Alphaville's Forever Young on cassette tonight. Also the 2016 Halloween mixtape in there too......
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    Learning to love the Harp

    I can get into the blondes and the that exact order If he doesn't have one I'll make him one hehe
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    Here Is A Guy Doing PL400 Mods

    Oooof.....Looks like I fixed it lol. I'm guessing the new board has holes for those capacitors....And are those scorch marks from resistors on a fiberglass board?!
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    6sn7 tubes

    Maybe his amp blew up? Doubtful. I've abused tubes for many years and haven't burned the house down yet...... I've always wanted to build a transmitter-tube SE amp. The plate voltages are kinda scary though. Ended up building a 300B SE amp instead.....
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    6sn7 tubes

    I wouldn't get too hung up on the designators unless your amp runs the tubes near their limits (plate voltage, current, etc). The Telefunken 12AU7s should work fine. 6SN7s are like an octal 12AU7 on steroids, I think they were designed as vertical deflection/video amps in early TV sets. I...
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    Eddie Van Halen - RIP

    Yep, heard about this today. Just finished spinning all my Van Halen albums
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    what are you listening to?

    Maybe. My HF drug dealer tracking force scale at is at work, otherwise I'd know exactly lol
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    Unbelievable Price HK/Rabco Turntable

    At one point I wanted a Rabco arm for my Rek, but they fetch too much money, even my Gray 108/208 clone was cheaper
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    what are you listening to?

    No Dice - Come Dancing
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    Is this the beginning to The End??????? Be afraid :(

    Peeps are still better than pumpkin spice oreos......