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    Looking to upgrade to horns

    I like how you use the snow plow in the photo for scale...
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    My mother passed away

    Nothing to say that hasn't already been said. No words can replace a loss. I've been reflecting myself lately, as I am now the age my mother was when she passed (51). That was rough. I feel for you.
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    Laboratory Standard Amplifier

    Sort of like “professional” on a divers watch dial...
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    Looking to upgrade to horns

    You never have enough clamps...
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    Retired my Sennheisers Today

    I prefer AKG to Sennheiser.
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    Looking to upgrade to horns

    We always had spare bearings on hand because we used acrylic templates for pickup openings and rear control cavities, and a seized bearing would melt them and make a mess... Leave the bearing in oil when not in use; wipe it dry it just before to keep the excess oil off the wood. Run the rpm as...
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    Sansui TU 717

    I always liked the white dial on the black face look of these.
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    EPI fans

    We experimented quite a bit with waterborne clear finishes and never really got the "pool of water" depth of shine to it. Perhaps 20- years on they are better, but there were various problems with clouding of the clear (poor clarity), grain raising and full-on delamination (incompatible with the...
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    Wanted Phase Linear DRS400 (for parts or working)

    If we know the primary and secondary, wouldn’t it be possible to get an off the shelf torroid to replace the original? Maybe some output voltage tweaking with regulators? How “unique” is this transformer?
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    PL14_20 RevE6 versus PL14_20 RevG1 Dual Mono?

    Not arguing!
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    PL14_20 RevE6 versus PL14_20 RevG1 Dual Mono?

    If I get the opportunity to hear a WOPL I will. I don’t know anyone near me with one.
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    Static Solution

    I still haven't received my first check!!
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    PL14_20 RevE6 versus PL14_20 RevG1 Dual Mono?

    The only thing to add is a second amp and run full dual mono. That made a huge improvement for me, plus having the amps right next to each speaker with the shortest possible speaker cable, to help the amp control the cones (increased damping factor). All good! (But I don't use Phase Linear...
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    Is this the beginning to The End??????? Be afraid :(

    But it watches you...
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    New Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Re shipping: I just received a watch I ordered two months ago. The postman was very tired after that walk.