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    Uhura knows her shit. Bullshit that is.

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    Fluke 289 v 87V

    Not sure how I ended up with a 179. I have a vague recollection of drinking too much one night and amazon showing up with the 179 the next day.
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    Fluke 289 v 87V

    Using a 179 here. Works well. BTW, I expect at least half of us here belong in a Smithsonian exhibit. Me included. :)
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    Oscilloscopes - Questions, Comments and WTF?

    New Orleans native here as well.
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    phase linear parts

    Is it as good as those $200 cables?
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    Carver C1 going through rework

    Using this for power sequencing. Definitely needs its own circuit. Will leave it to the power supply gurus as to if the other shit it does is worth a damn.
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    EPI fans

    I had EPI 201 speakers back in the 70s and 80s. Really had some good times with those speakers. Including a bullet hole in one of them while I was in Boulder, CO. Party got a bit out of hand. Somehow those speakers disappeared without a trace when I got married. :)
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    New build for shop system

    True insanity. I love it!
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    Phase Linear 200 rebuild

    Lots of hardheaded folks around here. :)
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    RIP Charlie Daniels

    CDB was on the stereo often in my college years. RIP.
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    Some 700 Series II Questions

    In the final analysis, it's all we really have. And you can't buy more.
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    Some 700 Series II Questions

    Like maybe a complete WOPL kit? No corpse required. :)
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    PL400 II Input Grounding Questions

    Wow. You guys are on it!
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    HELP! PL400 crackling/static

    Vinyl nuts? :thumbup: