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    Hurdy Gurdy

    All this time I thought Hurdy Gurdy was just an old Donovan tune.
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    Fairchild 750, hey Jim!

    I would need to add on to the house to make room for that tone arm. Jim
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    Glad to hear things are looking up for you Craig! Jim
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    Happy Belated Birthday Craig! Wishing you well. Jim
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    I just saw this, I wish Craig all the best, he is a great guy. Get well Stuwee. Jim
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    What's your music collection crown jewel?

    Saw a guy sneeze in a bar one day, I looked at him and said, "well, there went 50 Bucks". Jim
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    Motorcycles....let's see them!

    Got to love the bobbers, thanks for sharing. Jim
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    Motorcycles....let's see them!

    I had some engraving done, having some more done.
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    Drove by some of you today

    I drove from Springfield il today to Mayville ND, I know I passed at least a couple of you Jim
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    Bad Boy SAE A1001 is Mine

    Yeah Craig!
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    Lets talk Pre-amps

    That is a nice stable of bikes. Around here we have this alien problem.
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    Maybe some Martin Logans for the stu this year!!

    Isn't there an additional 10 days once they are set free of the crate? Jim
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    Lets talk Pre-amps

    Craig, am I mistaken or didn't John have a bike? Jim