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    PL400 II Chassis Spare Parts

    Welcome to Phoenix, I am sure someone here has what you are looking for.
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    Wopl 700 series 2 with a slight buzz at midrange speakers

    What speakers, and do Both behave the same way? Try and download a tone generator to your phone/iPad and sweep across the freq and see is you can isolate the freq that you hear the buzz.
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    Question on PL700b Transformer Hot/Neutral.

    Transformer leads do not have a hot and neutral, your choice on which one goes where.
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    A Question That Has Burned In My Mind For Years...

    135db is loud, what bands were running that volume, also who is limiting concert volume? What country?
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    Phase Linear 700 series 2 questions

    Guilty as charged, got my 700B from eBay, repaired a few issues (thanks to Lee), had it running in my living room, was putting the covers over the transistors, accidentally shorted an output with a cover. 4 months later it was a full WOPL.
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    PL 400 renovation cost

    Mark is right, you will have a world class reliable amp, if you are keeping it then may be worth doing. However you must consider the cost, the cost to upgrade a 400 and a 700 is about the same. Most will buy a 700 to upgrade. I have a full WhiteOak 700B and a nearly stock 8 fin 400 with DC...
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    PL 400 renovation cost

    Oh and knobs, heat sinks, p-straps....
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    Hello! Audiophile-in-training needing guidance.

    Isn’t that the one with a switch that will change the rail voltage?
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    PL 400 renovation cost

    If perfectly working, I would just put a DC protection board in it, 400s are not worth upgrading, unless it is of sentimental value.
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    PL 400 renovation cost

    And meters will remain...
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    Taking the Plunge Into the WOPL 400-II Pool

    Nice work, keep posting pics
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    Phase Linear Phan Introduction ... a few years overdue

    Driving instructor in the North East, Limerock? If yes fun track, used to drive there in the 90s with the Alfa Romeo club. Welcome to the group!
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    Phase Linear 700B White Oak Audio Upgrades for sale

    It would take at least $2,500 to part with mine. I know it most likely wouldn’t fetch that much, lucky I have no plans of selling.
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    Fred's Toob amp(s) build.

    Great job, I am close to buying this kit. Don’t need another amp, it would be in place of my WOPL 700B, well in rotation anyway. No room for two big systems in the house.