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    FS Phase Linear PL400 series 1 amp recapped

    Run away from whoever worked on this amp. They used mica insulators on outputs when everyone else uses silpads. Mic is ok when done right. In some cases it can be better. What's really bad is the gobs of silicon grease. It's purpose is to increase heat conduction between tiny air pockets on...
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    3 WOPL's in the pipeline (+1)

    As frequency drops, the size of the iron core of a transformer increases. So if the input transformer is rated for 50 Hz it will have no problem at 60 HZ. Also the ripple frequency of the power supply will be higher and the bulk caps would provide slightly less ripple voltage although it's not...
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    Phase liner PSU

    Yea, I had the industrial version. I ran it on single phase 208 and derated it.
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    PL400 series 1 popped short fuse. what to check?

    When outputs go the fuses turn completely black due to sustained arcing. Thee AGX fuse is not intended for 80 VDC. I'm guessing the 5A fuses actually opened due to overload and replacing them one time may be ok
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    Phase liner PSU

    About 20 years a friend bought a truckload (literally) of 10kw Crown amps. They only put out about 30 volts but would go down to about 0.5 ohm load. They came out of an MRI system. Input was 208, 3 phase. I used one as a variable frequency source and ran a 480:120 volt transformer backwards...
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    I’m considering an iron upgrade…

    Perry, You're right, the Pace is ADS200. 2.00 reading glasses at a distance is my excuse. Can anybody explain the difference between the Weller bases and what irons are compatible with what base?
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    I’m considering an iron upgrade…

    I use a Pace AD5200 for board level work. The fact that it its 700 degree in about 5t seconds appealed to me. Will the Weller's mentioned here work for the 40 amp bridge rectifiers and 12 gauge stranded cables etc? I bought one of the hot air SMD that I've used on back planes. Have to be...
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    Phase Linear 700 series 2 questions

    I'm not a fan of whoesale parts replacement, especially on the board. Without good techniques and the right desoldering tools it is very easy to damage the board. If it's not blowing fuses the outputs are probably good. R101, 7.5K/2W is a common failure. For less than $400 you can get an...
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    Derek92994's 700 Ser II White Oak conversion

    Attached is the page from the 400 manual on how to test outputs. It's not in the 700 manual. It works for just about any traditional amp. Read it 2 or 3 times and do what it says and you'll find the shorted device(s). Note that replacement of fuses multiple times does at least $100 worth of...
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    Who is the Dynaco guru here? Just found a gorgeous Dynaco stack

    Working on a 400/416 driver board is a PITA. Doing so will certainly mess up a neat assembly job. Thank the tech who labeled stuff and left it for the next tech.
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    Who is the Dynaco guru here? Just found a gorgeous Dynaco stack

    I bought a 400, PAT5, and a FM6 at an estate sale last year. The assembly had to be factory as it was so neat. The amp and preamp had a few bad coupling caps. Barely made 200 watts at 8 ohms. Otherwise it was fine. Sold the set on EBAY. In the early 90's I did sub contract work for Sound...
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    Phase Linear 5000 Series 2

    Here's the manual
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    Dynaco Stereo 400

    Back in the late 80's and early 90's I tested about 500 driver boards for this amp and it's siblings the 410 and 416. I didn't necessarily like the totem pole output section but it met spec and was reliable. If i didn't have a 200 W/C amp I wouldn't hesitate to jump on this one. It uses all...
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    NOS OEM Phase Linear plastic RCA jacks

    Yep, they're OEM and with that comes more broken jacks and cracked solder joints.
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    Dick Burwen's Amplifier Problem

    The loud pops that are mentioned in the article are not likely to be caused by outputs. The more common issue is the TO92 transistors on the front end.