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    Unfortunately It is Time To Report

    I try and take note as to who it was that worked on this stuff so I can warn people away but I am afraid it is hard to collect names and then some decks are going to be messed up anyway. Those are the ones they want me to fix not saying anything about the bonehead they had it to previously. Some...
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    Unfortunately It is Time To Report

    There is a now bonehead in the SC area. This deck a X1000RBL was messed up in ways even a regular amateur would not do. I found a lot of screws missing and then the way he apparently put in the speed and reel sized switch was so abusive that he bent the Power switch so it rubbed, Some of the...
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    Forget the name...another new RTR and it's impressive looking!

    You going to order one up Orange?
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    40 year old electrolytic capacitors designated LL

    I say put better grade of caps in the unit and it will insure the longevity of the deck electronics wise. Mechanically that still has to be dealt with. I train my guys to get rid of any caps that are less than 16V as these are known for failure all the time in large deck not in walkmans but I am...
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    40 year old electrolytic capacitors designated LL

    It is often though that the tape will give out but really the machines with no heads and no motors will suffer more and sooner. Tape can last as long as machines can as long as the machines are working correctly- you put a $7.00 tape in a boom box that is never cleaned and what do you think is...
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    40 year old electrolytic capacitors designated LL

    I have used 105*C caps from Mouser to put into these decks and have not had any adverse effects. How many more years do you think these decks will be used for from now 10- 20, 50? Do you think most of us will be using cassette decks in 2071? One must be realistic.
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    Gasoline prices dropping

    Well in my neck of the woods the lowest price I found was $2.95 and that was a Gulf station. Most the time all the prices are above $3.00 as high as $3.27 by observation. It helps to have the Gas Buddy app on the phone and see where the best prices are in your area. I use their card and get...
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    Spoke with Orange today.

    Any more recent news about Steven? We are a good part into this new year now.
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    Reed Relay for Phase Linear 3500 Series Two (STANDEX LG101-2-12)

    It is common to have to fit newer made products in where real old stuff is. I come across it all the time with 40 year or 50 year old decks. DIP relays can do the same job and work fine as long as you do not put too much current through them. Mouser has a lot of relays that would work there.
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    A TEAC question for Sam re an A2300SD

    Yes, you can not hook up random wires to places and expect the deck to work. It causes more problem if that is done.
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    A TEAC question for Sam re an A2300SD

    OK, Was just making sure to keep from there being more sparks. Some people have these kinds of heat sinks laying around and or taken off other equipment so the PCB pins made me think it was a reclaimed part. Good for you that the deck is being modernized.
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    This deck could be hot...

    The heads have a history of being worn out or cracked and there are no possible replacements. That is why it sits.
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    A TEAC question for Sam re an A2300SD

    The heat sink looks good but I don't see any isolation hardware from screw to sink and if this will touch metal that will still be shorting. Does the tab of semiconductor ohm out open to the sink? The Silpad is not the only thing you need.
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    A TEAC question for Sam re an A2300SD

    I really do not see the logic in putting automotive blubs on this deck as there is no reason for it. This just then confuses the issue. I would just fix the deck and forget about hooking up extraneous loads. The Bias oscillator and some caps on the audio cards might be shorted. Most the time a...
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    Anybody Want A Job?

    Bots are a way I got a lot of business when I did not have as much as I have now. You can always turn it away. I will use PM next time but I do not often come to these forums all that much so the info can be delayed- I guess I could have sent it to him PM.