this shit we used to work on is deadly...our employers did not see it that way. That's why some of us are early retirees.we made fun at the assholes that we worked for. Especially the Nixon News. I made that newspaper when I worked for Cummins. I sent it to my very special friend Leslie who worked for nixon. he is my hero. he emailed it company wide. he got shit canned immediately. they made him walk home...all the way from Locust street in Nashville to Bradyville. the midget Ginger was soooooo pissed off because I told her in the newspaper "Ginger finds a sucker" she was only about 48" and my buddy Leslie wrote the above 2 slideshows..he came up with the wording and I did the artwork. you have to through them slowly, sometimes hitting the pause button so you can read everything...all that is true. 100%. operating dangerous loadbanks with broom handles, massive waste oil spills at the dealers we worked for....everything. I turned them in to the EPA for their violations. The Whistleblower Protection Programs | Whistleblower Protection Program ( some of the voltages were up to 13kv. The "4160" picture was on the back of my old van in 1998. they expected me to work on 4kv units...with no training...loozers...the " Donefinaljamessm" artwork (I did it) picture is/was our company milkman. He "milked out" a 4 unit 800kw paralleling job for the new metro crime lab in Madison. 250 hours he milked the company. He died in 2016 of acute alcohol poisoning i think...some guy got killed. the nixon news OSHA report. Deadly business. it's fine as long as you maintain respect for electricity....kool AID. drinking from the company kool aid bottle can and will kill you.Before 5-26-15 was a company wide contest to see how quickly we could fix a genset problem. there's no mention of me in there. I fixed it first .I got disqualified because I didn't follow the rules..didn't use shop manuals or laptop programs. fuckers. I should have won that trip. pissed me off. mom's hand stitched towel is from the comedy central series "south park" "Towelie" was always high and did not have any idea of what's going on towelie south park - Google Search. I have that towel in a picture frame on my wall here.(23) PT 73 BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND......WITH SOUND TRACK - YouTube. the dumb ass general manager received a huge proffit sharing bonus and her bought these two radical boat engines for his boat "frantistic" Zenfolio | FPC Photos | Hixson-FRANTASTIC-108 ( Powerboating In Paradise Vol. 12 #3 by STU JONES - issuu.(you'll have to zoom in on the top boat) (23) "THE TRUTH BE TOLD" - YouTube I did the artwork on that one too. fuckin McHale's Navy..watched it all the time...groober...tinkerbell, etc..funny show. You otta check out them specs on them PT Boats...they were fuckin bas asses.... I heard rumours that he got shitcanned. "my fleet" are 3 old gensets (1962) that I restored. I used to take them to antique shows.this one got me fired.(23) "NFPA70e & OSHA" Grilling techniques with audio track - YouTube I too sent it company wide, along with "the anti-tailgating movie" I used to burn my piss from a jug in the 6.7l cummins turbo diesel. i didn't want to pull off the road everytime i had to i devised the "piss burner" it was the coolest invention.(23) US GOV'T PATENTED ANTI-TAILGATING DEVICE W/SOUND TRACK - YouTube I was the corporate mole when I worked for Empire Cat in Phoenix in 2005.Power System Repair & Generator Maintenance | Empire Cat (
home genset assures me of hot coffee and electric lights if /when our commercial power fails. I hate fuckin around in the dark. Plus it has enough ass to power my 3ton heat pump and crawlspace sump pumps too.
Jan 14, 1962 (Age: 62)
Mount Juliet Tenn
retired Cummins Power Generation serviceman




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