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    Magnepan 1.6qr's for trade..

    I have a pair of Maggie's I would like to swap.. Either for a pair of speakers that would match my WOPL 400 better.. Or I don't if its in the realm or reason today, maybe some kind of swap for non-working Phase Linear 400 or 700 I could WOLP. Open to various ideas. I would like a nice set of...
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    PL 400 for sale

    Is it gone?
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    what are you listening to?

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    One Large!
  5. PL 4000 P

    PL 4000 P

  6. Phase Linear 4000

    Phase Linear 4000

    late date 4000
  7. Phase Linear 4000 nudie

    Phase Linear 4000 nudie

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    Sansui AU-517, back from the dead (again)

    Awesome Jer, I did a complete recap and some mods on a friends AU-717. When it was done and I was giving it a listen I couldn't believe how good it sounded. Lifelike soundstage and unique presence. It was hooked up to my Thiel 04a's which need a lot of power, preferably 100w or more. It seemed...
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    WOPL 400 Build Problem!

    It's sounds great! Maggies are singing... I will definitely need some cooling fans for sustained listening. Just playing 2 sides of Roger Waters "The Wall" got her heated up and sweaty. No more "blat" sound!
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    WOPL 400 Build Problem!

    The WOPL is home and singing! Thanks jbeckva!
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    Tube stuff

    Don't know if anyone would be interested but someone came into the shop where I have albums and some audio equipment for sale at and I got to talking to him. Well, he is a student at ISU and his grandfather recently passed away and he is selling a bunch of his stuff..... I don't know tube but he...
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    Roger Waters!

    Woohoo.... just got an email from Roger, North American tour announced. Presale starts tomorrow.... I'm definitely going to see him! Louisville here we come.........:blob4:
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    Bluetooth Source for Audio

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    Somebody Was Looking For A Kit????????

    Kenwood Basic C2 is a nice sounding preamp...... having listened to a P3600 and a Basic C2 I would say they sound very similar with both modded.
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    Bluetooth Source for Audio

    Power adapter... with probably 1/8" plug. Here is the logitech link... Do I need to say that I don't work for either best buy or logitech....... :sign6: