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    Charlie Watts Passes Away At Age 80

    RIP Charlie
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    Hello from Lansing MI

    Welcome , My Aunt was a Nurse and my Uncle Delivered milk (and probably a little more if I Knew him ) in Lansing
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    Oak Island new season.

    Made Geraldo look like the Asshole he is
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    Hello from Philly!

    Welcome to the Forum Josh Philly Cheese Steaks are almost as tasty as a Chicago Style Italian Beef
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    Oak Island new season.

    This has been going on since I read about it in magazines when I was a kid
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    Spoke with Orange today.

    Never met him but I always liked Orange if I lived closer to him I would have him build me a Schwin
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    My mother passed away

    Sorry to hear about your Ma, 91 is a good run may Ma past 2 years ago at 95
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    The Kansas Comet

    Gale Sayers one of the greatest running backs in NFL history died today at the age of 77
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    Sansui TU 717

    Been my number one receiver for the last 10 years I can pull St Paul Minn from 60 miles out using TV rabbit ears
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    Happy Birthday Jerry

    Happy Birthday
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    Ennio Morricone passed away

    As a Classical Music lover MPR would feature him from Time to Time,, RIP
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    Happy Father’s Day!

    I'm heading to the Range
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    Kenny Rogers has passed at 81...

    Time to Fold Them, Rest in Peace Kenny