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Hi BlueCrab; thanks again for your input, it is clear to me that you know your stuff! As your entry #275 shows, I still measure 60 VAC. The White Oak mods call for the ctr tap to be connected to the chassis at one point only; the screw formerly holding the terminal strip between the left channel heat sinks. I have just measured the assembled amp again; 60 VAC is on the chassis when the line cord ground N/C.
Hi Peter. There is no reason to connect the signal ground (which is the center tap of the secondary) to the chassis. If you isolate the signal ground from the chassis (that screw) and make your measurement from the chassis to line cord ground, there should be 0 vac (and 0 vdc) since the chassis is now completely isolated from all circuits. The amp will still work fine.
And you can now connect the chassis to the line cord ground if you desire. You will, of course, want to check which configuration gives you the least hum pickup. But make that measurement with the inputs shorted (not open) to signal ground (not the chassis). Hope this helps.
Still running around, been a busy year, nice to have time to visit areas of interest. Drop me a message if you like.
With reference to the dual 500, did you install a soft start? I ask because I've done a fair amount of research on inrush current on 700's and haven't seen a need for it there. I tend to think the impedance of the transformer limits the current to safe values. Note that the stock rectifier can withstand more than 150 amps.
Hi Don. I have not done the soft start yet. I have some kits coming to do it including remote on off built in.
The reason why I am doing it is I have updated to 50 amp bridge rectifier and 33000uf caps. When you turn it on I had to go to slow blow fuses and the sucker busses for a bit.
As for 700 ‘s I want to try one as it has built in safety low voltage DC thermal temp switches. This replaces the 110v switch
Hello I just bought a dead TEAC A-3300 SX and this repair appears to have already been made once before. I will have to troubleshoot the problem further. But this is valuable info Thanks. Any thoughts about some common shorts to look for this deck is like new, I want to save it. Someone, probably a less experience tech has been through it the rectifier board had a plastic cover missing on a MY2-01 or MY3.
Are you sure the transformer is good?
I re-racked the living room stereo after finally getting all the outside work done and returning to the glorious AC, cleaned up 7 VCRs for repairs and just jammed last night. 1998 Pioneer VSX-D307 is the base.
Hi Mark;
You commented on my Clair Bros PL 700 project, a few weeks ago (thank you). I see that you are also rebuilding a series II. Did you get the White Oak back planes or the control board only? How is your project coming?
Regards, Peter
Backplanes, capacitors, control board, cylons, and the DC protection circuit.
Doing a complete rebuild- COMPLETE rebuild!

I hit an impasse regarding the rectifier replacement, but found a workaround. The chassis is completely gutted now, but it’s been so hot here that I haven’t worked on it much.
Finally looked at the 5050 and discovered, yes, the speaker selector was not set right. How I don't know but it sits behind this computer...I missed listening to it.
Hello, I noticed your post on using an ADC eq with 901s. How did you bypass the Bose eq or did you? I have a Pionner SX 950 with the Bose a Pioneer tt and a Sony CD player. Thanks Santa01
I've reinstalled FF twice now on this Dell and borrowed half of another PCs RAM, this had better stop freezing.
Firefox 67.0.1 ATE my bookmarks? there is supposed to be cure for that, have to look it up.
If at first you don't succeed, do something else. What do I look like, a guru?
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Was offline all yesterday until about 2:45 am today...someone did NOT call before they dug up the Centurylink internet lines outside of service worked, no DSL.
Rev G Dual Mono Boards


Just wondering what the price is on the Rev G Boards? I probably am going to need at least 3 to start...and probably more later. I have two 700s the Jerr recently built and one other 400 I think has recent revisions......but eventually want to upgrade the entire money allows...

Man, thank you for upgrading Phase Linear to the best amp on this planet...