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referencing the failed 700B power switch, I've got a stash of the Arrow Hart if you need one. Also you could drop in the triac board I've got. You tested it a couple years ago.
A good friend he did some mod to a Rega by using a Well Tempered Turntable Motor was gonna do the same but i sold the motor and platter on the bay... if you can find Brian Clark tube article please read it this guy was brilliant he did some work for Tube God also design stuff for Andy Fuch (GSI Audio) he did a Dynaco PAS mod in Audio Amateur.
Hi Mark. Joe recently mentioned you are building boards for him. I get mine built by the lady who runs the PCB test dept at my day job. She's got all of the quals and does a great job. It just takes a while. Perry did a run for me a few years ago. He does good work. Are you interested?
Long time finance guy, still working but trying to go to part time. Sound and radio equipment are my hobby. Always looking for a new magic combo but real happy with some of my stuff. Look forward to following discussions on this site. Thanks for allowing me aboard.
Mark, In a recent post you mentioned that the WOPL treatment increases output power. I've heard that several times and I don't understand it. It seems to me that output is directly related to the power supply voltage. That doesn't change with backplanes or the driver board. Nobody ever mentions the line voltage at the amp when they take measurements. That does affect power supply voltage.
Dang, I just replied to my own post ! Sorry, have not used PM a lot and got all confused thinking you were asking me if I still had it ! Hell, I cant even remember why I asked you if you still had yours now...
Right beside me. I had a 200 C and fixedd it up real nice and sold it. Bought a 200 cx right after that that is probably a 8.5 out of 10. It is real nice.
I had a hum issue with the big relay and tried to run low DC to it , which got rid of it essentially. Unfortunately it wasn’t recommended as safe, because it was a live , transformerless circuit connected directly to the AC main. A few have asked about it but I didn’t share because of safety. I’ve had other issues with the amp so now it just sits. It was quite a beast and clean/ when it worked.
i had a guy from the forum he sent me a email i did answer him this morning i went to the trouble and dug the the thing out he hasn't reply i even sent him pic of the unit i just need to get this out so my wife can stop with the nag too much stuff and they just sitting there not using i can send you pic if you send me you # i believe it kinna cheap to ship cuz i saw a guy Cali selling one and the shipping was 31 buc