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Hello, I noticed your post on using an ADC eq with 901s. How did you bypass the Bose eq or did you? I have a Pionner SX 950 with the Bose a Pioneer tt and a Sony CD player. Thanks Santa01
I've reinstalled FF twice now on this Dell and borrowed half of another PCs RAM, this had better stop freezing.
Firefox 67.0.1 ATE my bookmarks? there is supposed to be cure for that, have to look it up.
If at first you don't succeed, do something else. What do I look like, a guru?
No comments from the Electron Gallery.
Was offline all yesterday until about 2:45 am today...someone did NOT call before they dug up the Centurylink internet lines outside of service worked, no DSL.
Rev G Dual Mono Boards


Just wondering what the price is on the Rev G Boards? I probably am going to need at least 3 to start...and probably more later. I have two 700s the Jerr recently built and one other 400 I think has recent revisions......but eventually want to upgrade the entire money allows...

Man, thank you for upgrading Phase Linear to the best amp on this planet...
Oh yeah, what is the proper bolt size for the rack handles? Just curious, and it will save me standing in Lowes trying a bunch of different ones.....Is it a #8 3/4"?
If youstill have the faceplate, I'll buy it. I need one for my 700 S II. The originalis in really excellent shape, but I sure do love the BLACK FACE look!!!
Coming live from the Wyllaness...she's having a Miles Davis period, the picture is KIND OF BLUE.
FWIW, I'm in N.E. Columbus. If you head this way let me know. There are a couple of us here. I travel a lot for work. Email me at
I'll keep that in mind. My son lives in Westerville so I get up your way occasionally.
In case you wondered, it's from the beginning of Winds Of Change by Jefferson Starship and of COURSE that's an RCA TV.