This can be a decent comm receiver, with a decent BFO!


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Jul 6, 2010
Broken beyond repair but highly affable

Make offer is available.

I had an S-118 Mk II, miss it/regret selling it and this has AM and one less bandspread. The problem is that the BFO (beat follower oscillator, or close enough) AIN'T so close enough and it's sloppy as a ham band receiver.

There is a solution I found to that HERE:

The author says it's pretty stable too, lacking most of the birdies associated with transistorized BFO circuits etc.

If you think it's too much you can probably wait it out for a relisting and offer 15-20 less, I'm guessing but it's a good old tubed comm receiver and maybe it has that dual purpose input and output that allows you to patch an aux item IN our line out for recording or amplifying.

I'd get it myself if I was able. No chicken head knob on this one and they are might handsome sets plus easy to get into and uncluttered.

A doozy from 1961 and near the end of the Hally line that was really good.
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