Some questions about digitizing vinyl... (software and usb interfaces)


May 15, 2013
St. Louis, MO
I've casually transferred both vinyl and tapes to digital and have been happy with the results using a Behringer UCA202, capturing the files to Goldwave and splitting the track as they are. As long as the source is in good shape, it comes through quite well and I've been pleased. I also really, really like the interface of the UCA202. I like the way it has RCA inputs and outputs coupled with the USB out, so I can basically hook up my computer as a tape deck and record, playback and monitor what I'm doing.

All that said, I'm curious about a couple things. I recently tried digitizing a pretty scratchy old record and gave a shot to some software to clean up the recording. I was pleasantly surprised to see that using either Clickrepair or iZotope RX3, the results were quite impressive. A barely listenable, scratchy as heck record was cleaned up to sound quite nice. So, my first question is about software for cleaning up files. Has anyone else used Clickrepair or iZotope RX3 for cleaning up digital files? And if so, which do you prefer and why? Any better solutions out there to think about?

Next is the interface. Like I said, I really like the functionality of the UCA202, but I am curious what I could get with a higher resolution device. Unfortunately, I don't seem to see much out there that connects in the same fashion at higher bit rates. Mostly, I seem to see converters that output analog from digital, but then don't input like a tape loop or they go the other direction. Or, they are phono stages, which I don't need. I just want an economical high rez device with RCA inputs and outputs, one of each is fine, and a USB output. Anything out there anyone knows of that fits the bill?

Any suggestions or advice is welcomed. Thanks.


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Jun 12, 2010
I will be interested in any recommendations that members can suggest, too. I use the Behringer UFO202. I am recording tunes from Spotify Premium fed off my laptop onto minidisc. I use Audacity (free version) and I haven't checked the program to see if it offers the same as Goldwave for cleaning up vinyl transfers.



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Aug 17, 2011
I use iZotope as part of the tools included in Sound Forge Pro. Been using Sound Forge for a few versions now and love it.
The iZo tools are comprehensive, intuitive and easy to use. Personally, I haven't done many "bad shape" vinyl clean ups but I have
and do use the iZo tools to revive crappy digital recording quite a bit. What I have done with de-clicking and noise removal functions
works really well. My biggest passion with using computer software like this - is sound shaping (EQ adjustments) and editing.

As far as the capturing process, my Sony preamp/processor has digital out - so I simply link it to my computer via Tos-Link.