Phase Linear 700 Series Amplifier Specs - Sales Brochures, Owner's & Service Manuals


Chief Journeyman
Sep 8, 2012
Here is my best effort at putting into one place all the specifications for Phase Linear 700 series amplifiers (i.e. 700, 700B, 700 II and Pro 700).

NOTE: Although I attempted to load all the files so they would appear in numerical order below that doesn't appear to be the case. So please start with file number 1 (Phase Linear 700-the first 700) and work your way towards file number 27 (Phase Linear Pro700-the last 700 series amp).

These specs were obtained from Phase Linear sales brochures, owner's manuals and service manuals.

In a number of cases, there were more than (1) version of the sales brochures, owner's manuals and service manuals. The location and versions are included in the title of the documents. In most cases the versions correlate also to where Phase Linear was located at the time. They locations were as follows; 1.) Seattle, 2.) Edmonds and 3.) Lynnwood.

NOTE: I do not have a copy of the Phase Linear 700B owner's manual when they were located in Edmonds.

NOTE: I do not have complete/detailed specs for the 700HF and Kelly DeYong amps other than the 700HF was rated at 350 watts per channel both channels driven into 8 ohms from 20Hz to 100KHz at .25% THD. There are some specs also for the Clair Brothers 700B amps.