PC Power Supplies


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Jan 26, 2014
Well they are humorous...

  • A new build should feel new
  • 3-Piece panoramic glass with 3-times more satisfying plastic wrap removal.
  • We know how much you just spent on that GPU, so we threw in the riser cable.
  • Cold floor cooling keeps thermals lower than a partly cloudy day with a light breeze and you without your jacket.
  • Check out this crown molding right there.
That was funny stuff on GN and elsewhere. The craftmanship on the case is really good. Non-conventional design but impressive. Nine fans in the case.


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May 1, 2013
Those who enter the man cave will get WOPLed
Nice Case, looks fantastic.
Large fans, low fan speed, not much noise.
When you are gaming and the fans are up, you wont hear them due to all the explosions or the loud motor noise of simulation racing. When video encoding, just blast the WOPL, no fan noise.
The fans I have in my Pc are 14 blade aerocool sharks, they are 8 years old and some bearing noise is evident, due for replacement. The dynamic fluid bearings have done well in those.
The mini PC I use for most tasks is dead silent, no fans, but I put a small 12cm fan next to it anyway. That also cools the 300 watt pure sine wave inverter, not that either gets hot, the biggest killer of electronics is heat. Cooler running = longer life. Thats why the majority of my gear lasts beyond its life expectancy.
Lack of air flow is the reason the Antec Signature 650 psu failed, as the fan curve set by the manufacturer was too low. They preferred quiet performance over life of the components.
The Corsair Rm850x is fanless up to a certain wattage that I just dont reach. I have fitted a low speed fan to the intake under the PC so it always has air flow. Only downside is you have to clean the fan/psu once every 1-2 years.