No more 60 Hz hum in a PL2000 preamp.


Feb 9, 2013
Hudson Valley NY
] Did you ever get around to creating that PDF or a final shopping list of parts you came up with during the 2000-II project? I noticed my right channel has dropped a few DBs and when I turn the balance control full right, there is an unusual buzzing sound coming from the left channel. Going to order some parts before pulling out the Weller "scalpel". Will replace the back row of RCAs with through-hole type whie I have it apart this time.
Thanks again
Unfortunately, no. Never got to it, but hope to get to it in the future. Need some more testing equipment and earned expertise and experience first. On those PL2000 jacks, notice they are all self grounding. They have 3 solder legs. One hot and two grounds. The inputs use that second ground, but the outputs don't. That second ground on the outputs is a isolated solder pad. I replaced all of mine with NOS jacks and have a thread with the link to supplier.
Here is a link to the best PL2000 service manual scan I've found on the web. It comes from Don Watts Abundant and is hosted on the AudioKarma site.[/QUOTE]

Time indeed has no friend, but I wish I could buy more of it!

George - If I'm not mistaken, it was back a couple pages in this thread, referring to these jacks:

But there was some back and forth regarding quality of these parts and serviceability with using through-hole jacks (and insulators), so I wasn't sure how that that ended. No worries - I'll sort it out. Just figured I'd check
Thanks Al