I might actually use that Tascam recorder…

Miracle Mile

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May 29, 2013
First we’re going to see how the onboard uni mics work...
Why not?

It is the easiest way to start with.

I still have very good results with recording using the onboard mics of my Sony:

(in opposite of all the consumer electronics Sony produced over the last years this Sony PCM M-10 is still a "No Brainer")

Some of the recordings I did with this one ended up in final productions....

Bob Boyer

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Apr 24, 2013
Chattanooga, TN
If they’re that rare, finding a pair will be twice as hard…

If not the “cheap” AKGs, a cheap ribbon (fine China).

First we’re going to see how the onboard uni mics work!
If small diaphragm would work, KEL HM-1s are what Kelly built his reputation on and they are also excellent mics. I had two pair; again with the "what was I thinking..." You can find them in stereo pairs. Again, rare but more easily spotted in the wild than HM-7s.