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Jan 9, 2023
I see you also have a 2000-II preamp. They’re a good unit but likely in need of some upgrading. @George S. has documented quite a few really worthwhile upgrades, including op-amp and capacitor replacements, ground improvements and power supply changes that will give your old preamp a cost-effective sonic upgrade.
Good luck and ask questions if you’re ever in doubt.

Hi e30m3mon;

This preamp was purchased off eBay around 2003, in good physical and working condition, along with some similar weaknesses, as described in these threads:

DChristie's PL 2000
PL2000 Series 2
Cory's Phase Linear 2000 Ser II
No more 60 Hz hum in a PL2000 preamp

Over the years, various modification to address the weaknesses are accomplished, some a different path chosen, however, works for me.

Remove AC line and transformer
Make External unregulated DC power supply
Install Onboard +/- 15v regulators
Replace filter/coupling caps
Purchase RC4136 Upgrade Adapter, LM4562MA chips and install

Agreed, many worthwhile upgrades/comments are posted on this forum site, and enjoy viewing/learning from them.