Gasoline prices Skyrocketing!

Dec 31, 2022
East Coast
See you're feeling the pinch, two years ago it was only $.50 lol.

Unfortunately I think my Township would frown if I dug well in my backyard here, but it is tempting to try it.
Lee summed it up to me. Diesel has to be triple processed to remove the sulphur to meet new EPA guild lines. Get used to diesel being now 20% more the gasoline and not the old 20% cheaper. Sucks but that’s the way it is
Hi. That's true in the US and Canada, and probably most EU countries. But you should see the dirty diesel they're selling over in Kenya Africa, and I was on a highway that connects a fairly large town (Thika) and Nairobi which has around 2 million people I believe. The highway is called the Thika highway that goes between them and of course there are a lot of exits off of there for different towns. The fumes, the diesel fumes if you're not used to them will absolutely choke you. Dirty diesel coupled with vehicles that don't run optimally.
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