Chris Cables cables. 10% discount for Phoenix members

Jun 13, 2024
Peoples Republic of Vleuten
Thanks to Nando for letting me gratuitously shill my wares here.

Cables have been my thing for about 40 years. Started out as a hobby and now it's become my fulltime gig, helping me slip gracefully towards retirement and beyond. It's going better than expected thankfully.

No outrageous, bold or unproveable claims. Just well-made, good-looking cables with a focus on build quality, functionality and longevity.
CMRR is my thing right now - I love a dark noisefloor, so I implement this via braided cable geometry and good primary shielding.
For transparency and honesty; cables aren't going to transform your listening experience - at best maybe a 10-15% improvement and even then....

'The Core Function' range was developed to be the best bang-for-buck budget cables I could make and got a good review in Alpha Audio's monster cable test:

For Phoenix members there's an automatic 10% discount on my Etsy platform. Use code PHOENIX at checkout.
There are more models on my Marktplaats selling platform (EU) but eventually they will all also be available on Etsy.

Chris Cables selling platforms

Just a small selection:
01_1.jpg 01_1_1.JPG 01_1.JPG 17_1_1.jpg 01_1.jpg 07_1.jpg 06_1.JPG 17_1.jpg 01_1.JPG