Anki Overdrive and Fast & Furious racing sets


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May 20, 2014
Northeast Illinois
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Anyone tried this great little race set

A little’s been around since 2014. Anki went under in 2017 and discontinued production of all robotics (Cosmo, Vector and Overdrive). Software still available but not being supported. Price of starter system new $150-$180. Price started picking up sets for <$30. Jumping to Dec 2019 Digital DreamsLLC bought all inventory and rights of Anki and have advised they will be continuing the Overdrive robotics line and software.

I did say robotics...these cars are mini A.I. Robots...fully armed (you have to earn them) and the closest thing to Battlebots you can get. Not just racing but strategic disabling and power moves make interesting battles. Race against friends or A.I. Controller opponents. Check em out!