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  1. Vynuladikt

    Gasoline prices Skyrocketing!

    Interesting that the reserves were doled out/used up at about 1 million barrels a day to reduce the oil prices. Now OPEC is reducing their output by 1 million barrels a day with possibilities of 2 million a day to offset the reserve dump and bring prices back up. Was anything gained, or just...
  2. Vynuladikt

    phase linear 400

    Yes, drivers are one item that definitely benefits from a break-in period, styli as well. Let's not start up with the cable conversations though. :rolleyes:
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    At least 5 sailors sickened after jet fuel leaks into USS Nimitz' drinking water, Navy says

    My father-in-law was a sailor. He was in the engine room and talked about how much better the water for the boilers was than the drinking water. They would get some before final chemical treatment for drinking. IIRC it was distilled and then treated to prevent corrosion in the exchangers.
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    The Ohm Model F's

    YES, it will point out many ills in a system very quickly, especially the sustained notes
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    what are you listening to?

    Yes he was. He opened for Clapton, who was great as expected. Guest artist later in the evening was Marcus King, amazing as well.
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    what are you listening to?

    When Stevie started out he was known as Jimmy's brother, funny how that changed. Saw Jimmy in Nashville last fall
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    SLS launch in the morning

    SCRUBBED Artemis Launch Scrubbed | The Weather Channel
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    First time grandparents!!!

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    Ever put a cap in backwards? These guys did more than a few.

    Single Capacitor Triggers Motherboard Recall | Design and Development Today (
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    WOPL running 4 Ohm speakers

    I ran 4 ohm for quite a while on my 400WOPL, only had distortion if I ran it hard enough to heat it up pretty hot. 8 fin no fan, took about 8-10 minutes of hard cranking and then it would start to lose clarity.
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    Mounting bracket between the garage door springs

    Yes, not hard, just requires the right tools and great CARE.
  12. Vynuladikt

    Mounting bracket between the garage door springs

    YES!!!! that bracket holds the TOTAL!!! tension of the springs. Completely release the spring tension before touching the lag bolts. Be VERY careful releasing or adding spring tension. Trust me they are powerful enough to cause SERIOUS injury!
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    what are you listening to?

    I just got that one. It's an excellent SACD!
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    Dual Turntables

    Looks like a quarter, 6 grams of additional tracking force for those hard to track recordings.
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    phase linear 400

    I have considered both open baffle and the Frugal horn. I don't think they can compete with my ESS AMT Rock Monitors though it would be interesting to see. The Frugal-Horns Site -- High Performance, Low Cost DIY Horn Designs I think it's more about eliminating the cancelling/node "comb...
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    Mobile Fidelity scandal

    If they were using Redbook resolution I would be saying scandal. The level of resolution being used is indistinguishable from a master. Too bad so many have no concept of the difference. The majority of the SACDs I have are as good as most vinyl.
  17. Vynuladikt

    Carbon dioxide contamination could lead to beer shortage in US

    There is a huge volume of CO2 produced by the ethanol plants here in the Midwest. There is a battle raging right now over a pipeline to carry it to industrial areas for use. I'm sure the carbon "credits" have a lot to do with that one.
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    Carbon dioxide contamination could lead to beer shortage in US

    Our local micro brewery, Single Speed, reclaims the emitted CO2 from the fermentation and uses it for any final carbonation required. They also are carbon neutral, brewing with all solar power, composting all food scraps and paper from their restaurant, as well as making bread and other...
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    Carbon dioxide contamination could lead to beer shortage in US

    Have to get my equipment out and brew my own again.