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  1. stetter

    Denon DCD-1520 DVD player skip

    I have a Denon DCD-1520 DVD player. I have had it since new. Non smoking house, We had stopped smoking pot even so not that type of issues. Any advise for skipping DVD player. It does it for the first few tracks, then 4 or 5 tracks in all is well. Have read a few suggestions off of the google...
  2. stetter


    is a VIZ SINE/SQUARE WAVE AUDIO GENERATORS #WA-504B/44D a good unit to buy and any idea of a good price for it
  3. stetter

    What signal generator app on your phone is the best

    Wondering, I am using Android op phone.
  4. stetter

    What dia. Kester no-clean solder you like to use; aka the solder shoot out at OK corral

    What dia. Kester no-clean solder do you all like to use for your WOPL builds?
  5. stetter

    Carver C 4000 pre-amp

    Is the Carver C 4000 pre-amp a good pre amp worth restoring, friend has one and wants to get rid of it.
  6. stetter

    Any one recognize this WOPL 400

    Bought this to use while I do a full WOPL on my own PL400. Any one recognize their work by chance. Just wondering about age of rebuild and any other info on it. The owner lives in Las Cruses NM. He had it about a year now. He is trying to get more info on who did the work. Any Ideas any body
  7. stetter

    Need help finding thread that list YouTube video

    I have looked through a lot of threads and in one was a mention of YouTube video of WOA Kits and what comes in them and more info about the kits. I should of made note then but, now I have been trying to find the thread again to check out the videos and I can't find the link. any help ,
  8. stetter

    Panavise advice

    Which Panavise do you all like, any advice with pros and cons. I also build guitar pedals from time to time so maybe have to buy smaller head appliance beside the bigger one..
  9. stetter

    New Member from northern Minnesota

    Bought my PL400 in 1975, ordered it with the PL2000 pre amp. I bought a pair of Infinity Monitor IIa's to put out the sound. Duel 900 turn table (I think that is the number it is in storage), I ordered everything from I think it was called Precision HiFi out of Baltimore Maryland, have the...