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  1. krellmk

    New York woman makes miraculous escape after crane smashes her car
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    The Rise and Decline of Guitarist Emily Remler
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    Voice of the People Survey!

    Please keep it the way it is !!! don't change
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    NASA Breakthrough as Rover Finds Strong Signal of Organic Matter on Mars
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    Funny pictures...

    What become of Castle Grayskull
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    CHARCROFT AUDIO “Premium” Silver Mica Capacitors

    Got a few for my Mac C22 These capacitors are specially designed for audio applications. Constructed from the finest Indian Ruby Mica plates which are cut by hand and then have silver electrodes printed on. The plates are stacked by hand to the required value, have their edges reinforced with...
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    Selling some of my stuff on flee-bay

  8. krellmk

    Selling some of my stuff on flee-bay

    Got it new in the box then use it 2 or 3 times replaced it with a Mac C22
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    McIntosh MC30 United States Navy Sonar Issue
  10. krellmk

    Selling some of my stuff on flee-bay
  11. krellmk

    Just had to acurus L10 Got a few knobs from him .. nice stuff
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    Physicists Broke The Speed of Light With Pulses Inside Hot Plasma
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    Scientists Find a Simple Way to Produce Hydrogen From Water at Room Temperature
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    NASA Captured The 'Sound' From A Black Hole, And It's Super Eerie
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    Just had to acurus L10

    I'm thinking of getting rid of my Acurus L10 and the 2 WPOL 700 have far too many stuff here gonna hold on to the Mac C 22 , C28 MC 275 MC 240 MC 225 Mc 2105 Acurus 250 and the Acurus small amp keeping all the Conrad Johnson stuff i might be moving to smaller place
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    what are you listening to?

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    Vinyl In Japan
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    Webb Has Snapped an Almost Perfect Einstein Ring In Distant Space
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    Extraordinary Phenomenon in Space Captured by Spellbinding New Image
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    WOPL running 4 Ohm speakers

    Someone who bought a PYLE amplifier