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    Self inflicted wound

    Time to play “Stump the Experts”. I am working on a 700b I’ve had for a few years. I’ve installed one of Joes rev g boards along with new power supply caps, rectifier, arc fuse holders, input jacks, iec outlet, dc protect board, new wiring, and new resistors on the original backplanes. Now for...
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    Help with flat screen tv

    Hi guys, I have a power supply for a tv that has some bad components. All are available from Mouser except a surface mount diode that I can't find anywhere. It's a "rs1jjtd". There is also another number "ND1Z0RS1JJTD". I think one is a Philipps part number. Is there some kind of alternative or...
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    Parts Database

    I thought it might be good to have a central place to go to for the various parts and their corresponding numbers that you may encounter in a build. Being new here I don't have much to contribute but I know there are some with a ton of info. Feel free to add whatever you think is appropriate.
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    I was just curious if a database of the most commonly used parts with their appropriate part numbers could be set up on one of the threads? It would make things easier than trying to search for the various parts you might find a need for. Something that could be added to as needed. I try to make...
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    Fuse holders

    I would like to replace the fuse holders and the RCA jacks on my 700b. I'm going to order some knobs from Antique Radio Supply and they also have fuse holders and jacks but I'm not sure if they would work. I'm trying not to pay shipping to two places but if I have to I will. Any thoughts?
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    Please adopt me!

    Hello everyone what a great forum this seems to be. I am a soon to be 59 (next week) year old who has always loved to take things apart. Can't always get them back together but I am usually successful. I found this sight when I was searching for some info on PL products. I still own a PL400 and...