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  1. Vynuladikt

    Ever put a cap in backwards? These guys did more than a few.

    Single Capacitor Triggers Motherboard Recall | Design and Development Today (
  2. Vynuladikt

    Probably only for a SERIOUS collector!

    Wonder what the story is on this?
  3. Vynuladikt

    Servers hacked? Facebook domain is Up for sale and servers are Down.

    Don't know how much this affects any here, but found it interesting.
  4. Vynuladikt

    Rev. A to Rev. E differences and Quasi vs Full

    I currently have a 400 WOPL with the Rev. A board. I also just acquired a 700B that I plan to upgrade to WOPL full comp. Would there be an upgrade path for the 400, or would it be worth pursuing? e.g. full comp or Rev E Also, not sure I want to spend the bucks for the backplane, should I?
  5. Vynuladikt

    Look what just came to my door

    And it was expertly packed. So nice to see a unit like this arrive safely. I have had some terrible experience in the past with shoddy packing and destroyed amps. I plan on full comp WOPL to go with my current 400 WOPL.