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  1. vince666

    Happy Father's Day !!! (with Zeppole)

    a Happy Father's Day to every fathers out there. here, our local traditions teach us we must have some ZEPPOLE. :p and since I am in Calabria region, here we get both the influence from Naples and from Sicily, as we are just in the middle... not bad at all. :cool: So... this morning I've got...
  2. vince666

    Need help about understanding power transformer of a cassette deck, please.

    First off, I hope i am posting in the right section, otherwise it'll need to be moved elsewhere... Hi my friends... I have a question to ask you, to help a good friend of mine who doesn't know english and then he cannot visit any forum where english is the official language... This friend of...
  3. vince666

    Telefunken TC 750 - A new challenge!

    Hi, my friends, as some of you might just know, about 1 month and half ago, i received a non working Telefunken TC 750 from my italian buddy as a free gift and had started a thread about that elsewhere. Now I am going to restart a thread here were I can finally go on with the latest updates...
  4. vince666

    Hi, I am a newbie... :P :P :P

    As my status tells, i am new around here. (:tongue10:) Hi to all from the deep south of Italy... (i'm not that good in writing a first post.:help:) CHEERS, Vince.