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  1. Fairchild

    Hurdy Gurdy

    All this time I thought Hurdy Gurdy was just an old Donovan tune.
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  3. Fairchild

    Drove by some of you today

    I drove from Springfield il today to Mayville ND, I know I passed at least a couple of you Jim
  4. Fairchild

    How Computers are made

  5. Fairchild

    Trans Siberian Orchestra

    I had heard rumors that Trans Siberian Orchestra were not touring anymore, the rumors are false. Jim
  6. Fairchild

    Hot Bike tour 2014

    Hot Bike Magazine tour is coming to town to day, 24 top builders built bikes to ride in the tour, be nice to see bikes built to ride 1000 mile tour., Kevin from DKCustoms says there are a few hundred bikes riding along with the tour, should be good time, Eliminator...
  7. Fairchild

    Lance Armstrong Grand Marshall

    I see Lance Armstrong is to be the Mayors Grand Marshall at Sturgis this year. What does a cheating peddle pusher have to do with a Bike Rally? Guess they can issue one of these to him. Jim
  8. Fairchild

    New Bike seat

    Got it on finally. Jim
  9. Fairchild

    The Empty Chair Thank you for your service Jim
  10. Fairchild

    Black Oak Arkansas

    Black Oak Arkansas is playing tonight at the local Bike Night, I saw them many many moons ago in a time long ago. I really hope that Jim Dandy (yes he is still with them) has lost his pair of tight white pants and doesn't wear them tonight. I know some things never change, but other things DO...
  11. Fairchild

    LP Covers

    Heard about this site, haven't spent much time looking it over but looks interesting. Jim
  12. Fairchild

    Steely Dan

    Woo hoo! Steely Dan is coming to town! August 15th Jim
  13. Fairchild

    Led Zeppelin to rerelease I, II, and III with new bonus tracks
  14. Fairchild

    What is local to you

    John Hartford wrote music for a lot of musicians, one in particular was Glenn Campbell, us he is local, a lot of his songs centered on Illinois River traffic and trade, yes, he owned and operated this boat too
  15. Fairchild

    Smashing a Perfectly Good Guitar

    What ya got
  16. Fairchild

    Grateful Dead Live at the Family Dog on the Great Highway

    Grateful Dead Live at the Family Dog on the Great Highway Just released Friday for Record store day, just got my copy, if you are a Deadhead this is a must. Recently Mountain Girl turned over some reel to reel tapes Bear had recorded of the show, it is an all acoustic show, 80 minutes of all...
  17. Fairchild

    How low can some people be

    (Ronks) -- Police in Lancaster County say a horse pulling a buggy is dead after being shot by someone in a passing vehicle. Five people were inside the buggy when the shooting occurred last night in Ronks. The car didn't stop after what sounded like a firecracker, and the horse was discovered...
  18. Fairchild

    Family Dog on the Great Highway This has now been released on CD and is being released on vinyl Friday, it is taken from some Reel to Reel tapes that Mountain Girl had of some live recordings done at the Great Highway in San Fransico, it is a bit rare in that it is all acoustic, at the time the...
  19. Fairchild

    Enders Game

    I see they have released the movie Enders Game, did anyone else read the book? I hope they didn't take to many liberties with the movie, it was an excellent book, and series. If you haven't read it, it was written by Orson Scott Card.