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    Honeywell VU meter.

    Any idea what unit this meter came out of? It's very heavy and magnetically attracts metal around the terminal lugs.
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    PL 700 Pro Build

    Starting mock up. I want to use a 20 amp IEC socket and cord. It should just fit in the accessory fan socket area. It's going to be tight but doable. This will be a full WOPL including Joe's awesome meters, using the original heavy steel chassis. All parts are at hand. The part # for the socket...
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    HP5334B Universal Counter

    So my father gave me this recently, hadn't been used for years. I brought it up slow with the DBT and Variac. Looked good. Went to work testing it with a 2 kHz 250 mV frequency from my cheap Koolertron signal generator/counter. The HP frequency read out was way low, so was reading the manual a...
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    Phase Linear 5000 Series 2

    Opened it up this morning to check it out. This was a eBay purchase a while back, and it's sat in the closet until now. I plugged it in when I first got it, tuning was wonky, the LEDs for stereo and multipath didn't light in concert with the received signal, nor did the meters. Also had a little...
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    NOS OEM Phase Linear plastic RCA jacks

    These are a EXACT match to original jacks in Phase Linear 2000 preamps, SMK is the manufacturer. The 50 pcs I received are in excellent condition, like new. These likely also fit 4000s and perhaps 1000s. If so, please update this thread to help others...
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    Hakko desoldering unit on the Bay Lowest price I've seen for one of these for in long time. Keep in mind it'll probably need filters and flapper valves. Good price none the less.
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    No more 60 Hz hum in a PL2000 preamp.

    Any good ideas on how to reduce the 60 Hz hum and it's harmonics in a PL2000. Thinking of trying snap on ferrite chokes or isolating the transformer from the chassis. Very little of the issue is from the computer or sound card setup running REW that generated the graph. Using the preamp in the...
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    Looking for a S2 rack handle ferrule.

    Need 1 rack handle ferrule, I'm short one on a PL2000 S2 preamp. PM me please. Thanks.
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    Hakko 470 Vacuum Desoldering Stations

    These are very high quality units that were made in Japan in the 80s. There are almost always a few on eBay, and from time to time some show up priced reasonable with the now somewhat rare Hakko 802 desoldering gun. The units are now starting to show age, mainly the vacuum pump flapper valves...
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    PL2000 S2 Balance pot.

    Need to replace mine. I see two part#s listed in the manual. One is a 50k non linear dual gang, the other is a 100k linear I assume is single gang. I have the 50k dual gang which I assume is audio taper, or would it be logarithmic? Guess I need to pull it and measure resistance at each clock...
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    How do I calibrate 400 S1 meters for 200 watts.

    So I calibrated my WOA S2 meters for 200 watts at 40 Vrms output per Joe's instructions. Keeping the exact same testing setup, I can see that the S1 meters are calibrated for 100 watts at 20 Vrms output. Turning the attenuators up to 40 Vrms output clearly pegs the meters hard, not good. So I'm...
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    WOA Meters.

    Built up a set of meters today and need help translating engineer speak to hobbyist. The wiring looks straight forward but want to make sure I understand the calibration for a 400. Calibrate one channel at a time. Attach a True RMS voltmeter to the output. Make sure the amps attenuator is set...
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    YouTube Streaming No Ads No Pauses.

    Get latest Chrome browser, add 2 free extensions from the Chrome Store, Adblock Plus, and, Auto Tube. YouTube now streams continuously with no ads, and no time out pauses. How long this will work before YouTube fixes this is anybody's guess. Worked all last weekend and still working as I've been...
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    PL400 Feet.

    Got tired of my amps basically sitting on the face plate so decided to get some feet to get them up and facilitate air moving through them. Got a dozen Budwig TF8T feet to do two WOPL400s and a PL2000. For each amp, mount three on the bottom plate and the fourth goes under the transformer bell...
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    IEC Power Cord Socket in a 400 WOPL.

    First I want to thank Mark for sharing the part# and showing this is possible. The part# is Mouser 693-6100.4115 First thing I did was measure the socket and made a accurate to-scale drawing and stencil of the opening I needed cut on the chassis. I glued the stencil with rubber cement onto...
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    "Flying" Output Wires to DCP

    Is there a better way of running the backplane outputs to the DCP board? Some sort of coax like is done on the inputs? The yellow "flying" wires in the photo are the ones I'm talking about.
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    PC sound card based distortion analyzers.

    So was reading up about the differences in oscilloscope crt vs digital displays and identifying distortion in a sine wave. Consensus seams to be the crt is better for seeing the "fuzziness" of distortion because the digital display "corrects" it out. Several comments were made on different...
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    PL2000 LED driver

    Hoping someone can help me with this as I spent all week looking at this and can't solve it. With the preamp on, the LED never lights, otherwise all functions work and sounds great. I don't understand why they used 2 legs of a transistor, the LED, and put it between B+ and B-. Since the...
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    AR XB

    So I decided to get my old XB out of the attic. I've been rebuilding the PL2000 preamp and it suddenly dawned on me that I haven't tested the phono section. This hasn't been used for approximately 20 years and most surprisingly the foam mat and belt haven't turned to goo! Works good, playing...
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    PL2000 Series 2

    So when I upgraded my speakers to JBL L150s I noticed my right channel had slightly less gain than the left. I swapped everything around and finally narrowed it down to the preamp after swapping in a Marantz 3200 from the garage system. Tore the 2000 apart last weekend and ordered parts and also...